Calculator The U-STOR-IT Self Storage Calculator lets you estimate the most appropriate size of self-storage unit to lease.  Look over the items in the form below, and type in the number of each items in each category you would like to provide space for.  When you have reviewed all the items on the list, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.  The calculator will do the rest.

Please remember that this estimate is only our best guess.  Clearly it is almost impossible to estimate the exact dimensions and size of everything anyone might wish to store.  The results returned should only serve as a guideline, and are provided on an as-is basis.  If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact one of U-STOR-IT's self-storage consultants.

Double Door Bookcase Bookshelves Arm Chair
Stuffed Chair Rocking Chair Small Desk
Secretary Desk Sofa Loveseat
Folded Folding Chair Folded Card Table Fireplace Equipment
Fireplace Grate Coffee Table End Table
Sofa Table Drop-leaf Table Lamp
Magazine Rack Entertainment Center Small Speaker
Telephone Stand Console TV Portable TV
Stereo Receiver Stereo Tuner Stereo Equalizer
Window Air Conditioner Vacuum Cleaner Dishwasher
Floor Polisher Freezer (<10 CU) Freezer (10-15 CU)
Freezer (>16 CU) Freezer Chest (about 16 CU) Fridge (7-10 CU)
Fridge (11 CU) Range Sewing Machine (cabinet)
Sewing Machine (portable) Washing Machine Dryer
Microwave Table with 6 Chairs Buffet
Hutch Corner Cabinet Teacart Server
Childs Bath Child's Chair High Chair
Crib Playpen (collapsed) Changing Table
Cradle Bird Bath Garden Hose
Glider Step Ladder Umbrella Table
Wheelbarrow Portable BBQ Small Carton
Medium Carton Large Carton Extra-large Carton
Disk Barrel Wardrobe Lamp Box
Electronics Box TV/Microwave Box Legal Tote Box
Mirror Box TV Trays Golf Bag
Heater Rollaway Bed Sled
Work Bench Outboard Motor Tire (auto)
Table Saw Typewriter Weights
Stairstepper Treadmill Exercise Bike
Table Chairs Trash Can
Clothes Basket Child's Bike Adults Bike
Baby Carriage Filing Cabinet (small) Filing Cabinet (medium)
Filing Cabinet (large) Cot Fan
Upright Piano Ping Pong Table Pool Table
Tool Chest Canoe Ironing Board
Utility Table Utility Cabinet Vegetable Bin
Vanity Bench Extension Table Straight Chair
Small China Cabinet Mattress, single Mattress, double
Mattress, queen Mattress, king Dresser
Double Dresser Triple Dresser Cedar Chest
Night Table Waterbed, queen sized Other (specify in Cubic Feet)


5x10 Unit 10x10 Unit 10x15 Unit 10x20 Unit

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